Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Rights in Miami!

Everybody wants to design clothing for the uber-kool crowd... many of them fail. Only Last Rights has taken the identity that is Miami and has unleashed an incredible collection of art and clothing that easily stands out among others.

The Dolphin logo being transformed into a weapon reveals a part of Miami that is otherwise hidden behind the fun and sun.

Winter 09
Winter 09
Summer 09
Summer 09

The other great thing that Last Rights do is use the dilapitated areas of Miami and transform them into movies and photoshoots.

The Winter 09 shoot is taken at an abandoned motel/apartment complex with a character that goes about exploring and terrorizing the building. Tons of these building lay abused and in shambles all over Miami (i.e. Biscayne Blvd.) with no direction of improvement or use. What people forget is that movies, tv shows, commercials, fashion shoots are always scouting for locations. Why not open all these places for the arts and entertainment. Last Rights even uses the controversial Miami Marine Stadium to shoot their Summer 09 collection with local rapper Brisco. Brilliant! Here's another location that is available > the empty condos all over Downtown Miami, pick one.

Check them out >> Last Rights

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