Monday, November 23, 2009

The Life of a Designer is a Beautiful Nightmare :l

The information on this chart doesn't seem realistic in my opinion. Look at the difference between an interior designer with a masters and then with a PHD. And you can't be an architect with only a high school degree.

This chart didn't pertain to me an architect as I experienced international (Dubai) payday. Blows the 1-4 yrs average out of the water. I am getting into Design Management; looks good from this chart.

Ouch. Almost everyone took a hit in 2008.

Well, the design profession is still tough. But being part of a creative crowd, we will find a way to leave our mark. We don't design for the money or the glory. We just want to help people and design cool stuff while doing it.

In Miami, the renovation and retro-fitting market is doing great but it is very competitive. I am looking into stretching out into the rest of Florida and beyond. All from the comfort of my office and wi-fi (starbucks perhaps).

Good luck Comrades. Design as if you are designing for God.

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  1. I don't know how much faith I would put into any of those charts either. You can't be an interior designer with just a high school degree either...Although it wouldn't surprise me that those with a masters earn the same as those with a bachelors. The main function of that masters is to teach and unfortunatley teachers are rarely well paid.


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