Sunday, September 6, 2009

D.O.A. (Death of Architecture) in Dubai Pt.1

Pushing creativity has always been my forte. But when creativity and innovation is pushed by wealth and greed, the outcome can be very scary. In Dubai, there aren't any negotiations, the empowered get what they want, where they want, when they want. So just as much as an architect studies his designs, he must study his client(s) in order to avoid traps.

Architect David Fisher has allowed his genius Rotating Tower to fall into the wrong hands.

The overall concept of self-sustainability is sucked away by the need to accommodate the rich class so they may park their Ferrari next to the jacuzzi. The price tag of $3M-$30M for an energy saving apartment is nowhere in reach for the major workforce of Dubai.

A Ferragamo themed Hotel/Condo in Dubai also doesn't help the fact that the City has an affordable housing issue that forces expats to live in unsuitable living conditions. But this isn't even a blog about human rights, but about artistic control.

Even with housing market suffering in Dubai, the Rotating Tower is being pushed forward with construction. But who will the outcome benefit?

Rotating towers survive Dubai's construction downturn - Real Estate -

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