Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Architecture is Art!

In my mind, boundary lines do not exist. Instead, we have layers of governing, rebellion, interaction, information, expression, emotion, reaction and growth. Try to classify that into one category or one term. I don't, I just simply say that architecture is everything, beautiful or ugly.

While I was experiencing the amazing Wynwood Art Walk last Saturday night, I felt at place with the art-lovers filling the galleries and the streets. Waves of people flowing from warehouse to warehouse reminded me of the dance clubs in Rome, while the police lights reminded me of what Wynwood was just a few years ago. Though I don't fit the trendy art look anymore, I still share a passion for the kinds of atmospheres creative people produce.

Working in the architecture + construction field is like designing while being handcuffed. The end result is a filtered version of my dream concept. But in all, it is still my work. I squeeze all my effort to creating something that is both functional and beautiful. My process is similiar to what artists of the canvas do, I am just classified differently by others.

The above work done by an architecture student reminds me of what it is to be free of restraints but observant of surrounding environments. In all, the student's effort to include his design in a brute space is beautiful.

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