Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn + MySpace = Free$

Is it my fault that I was a whiny and irritating employee for the past 4 months at Urbaniza + S.A.S.S.I. ? Is it my fault if all I wanted was some attention for my wacky ideas about the future of business and socializing?

Guess what? Now every business magazine I pick up puts attention to the availability of free marketing. All the pinching pennies ideas take aim at optimizing your business in a era where most would suspect revenue loss across the boards.

I am so glad I am in a profession that allows me to expand my business management skills (Yes. I learned I had business management skills!) and grow my design experience. Now, the real trick is trying to merge those two skills of mine for keeping with the times. I guess what I am describing is a new world of communication that can be the salvation for business and design.

With the speed of new websites and applications available now, I must be conscience of what items are beneficial to my business and what items are for my own social life. My biggest argument has been the effect of Twitter as a business tool.

Let me try to break it down:
  • Twitter is Free
  • Post your business information + websites + contacts
  • Customize your page (colors, images, logos)
  • Update your clients or associates with information with links or pics
  • 140 words for your status limits you but makes it quick to use
  • Follow people working in your field for sharing research
  • Build a strong Network in a short time

Now, I believe the people at Twitter are looking to revamp their website soon, but in the meantime get that key Twitter name that's going to give you the top search. Update your status modestly and follow people. Sooner than later, your page will be able to automatically run itself. Free marketing!

Don't get left out. Just do it!

Check out our new twitter accounts for Urbaniza + S.A.S.S.I.

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